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A Basic Introduction to Typography

Words and text are one of the most essential components of an application, usually making more than 60% of the total content. Words are not only used to depict the main idea of the project but also to provide the users with guidelines and other relevant information about it. These words are considered to be ...

Free Website Builder Pros and Cons – Website Development Made Easy

Currently, we are living in the age of computers. Each and every activity of our lives have somehow become dependent on the internet. When talking about business, the internet provides people with the facility to broaden up their access to customer by web development services to build a brand online. Also, it’s cheaper and quicker ...

Good Design in 21st Century

As the human race step into new eras, their needs and likes evolve accordingly. Man is trying constantly to make his life easier by inventing tools that are simpler in terms of their usage, yet provide more efficient results as compared to their older versions. The same goes for modern computer technology, which is seen ...
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