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Coronavirus in design

The Role of UI/ UX Designers in Developing Awareness About Corona-Virus

The drawbacks of coronavirus outbreaks are consistently affecting the humankind of this era. More than 200 countries have become the victim of this dangerous virus, and thousands of people are COVID-19 positives. This situation is telling us that the aftershocks of this virus will continue in the next few years. Mostly, the effects will be related to the economic environment of the world where many industries are suffering great losses in the form of low sales, unavailability of new customers, and circular debts that are developing among different companies and businesses.

In this huge economic crisis, only a few industries have managed to survive, and the IT industry is one of those. The reason is the availability of the workforce at home, which is not possible in many other industries. Along with that, the lockdowns and curfews have enforced the people to stay in. Under these circumstances, the use of the internet and smartphones increases, and people want to play games, explore social media pages, shop online and watch Netflix and Amazon Prime series. All these activities are related to the IT industry, and therefore, the IT industry is enjoying the whole economic situation currently.

In an IT industry, the UI/ UX developers have a prominent role, as they take care of the interest of the mobile and website users via providing them effective user interfaces and improving user experience. They are responsible for attracting new users and keep them engaged in the website through beautiful design concepts, brilliant technological effectiveness, and excellent color combinations. They also make the tour of the website effective and informative through including excellent navigation ideas in the development.

However, the global outbreak of coronavirus also demands some social responsibilities to the UI/ UX designers and overall, to the IT companies. The reason is that IT professionals are in a better economic situation, and their jobs are less effective. So, they can spend some time and money in developing awareness about COVID-19 severity and the proactive measures to keep society safe. For that, the UI/ UX designers can contribute a lot.

It does not mean that they are not contributing in this regard. We can observe numerous infographics around that are helping the laymen understand what coronavirus is and how we can protect ourselves through some precautionary measures. These infographics are not only available on roads in the form of signboards, flexes, and in other numerous types of published material but we can also observe them on websites and social media pages. All these campaigns have been designed by UI/ UX designers, and more is in pipeline that will be presented soon.

The UI/ UX designers can also design their social media campaigns and websites for the help of the people that use the internet frequently. They can also utilize their pages and websites for this cause that will make them one of the most important and effective contributors to society.

One of the most devastating effects of this severe disease is that it has affected the poor and lower-middle-class people of the societies. They have lost their jobs or are earning a very small amount for their families. The UI/ UX designers can launch fund-generation campaigns for the needy and poor of their societies. They can run these campaigns via their websites and social media pages through developing special pages and sections. If their web and social pages are populated, they can generate huge funds and contribute to their societies.

The Bottom Line

The major role of the IT industry has contributed a lot to develop society, and UI/ UX designers are one of the most important players in this industry. Therefore, society expects a lot from these people, and their contribution to develop awareness and help the poor manage the expenses strongly. It will also make them the major contributors that help the societies stay stronger. We have suggested some suggestions in this regard, and some can be implemented by these intelligent brains themselves.

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