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UI Trends of 2020

UI Trends of 2020

The taste of humans in the sense of fashion and design keeps on changing with the passage of time. On one hand, where we occasionally experience the comeback of an old trend, some fresh and striking ones are ensured to make their place too in the industry every year. According to experts, 2020 is set to bring a breathtaking evolution in the field of UI design. With the year fast approaching, the following are some of the trends that are predicted to be popular in the coming year:

  • Animation

Moving pictures have been proven to awe-struck people since the oldest of times. Most designers have been using videos to make their designs look more attractive yet one of the major drawbacks of this practice is that it increases the loading time of the page, hence slowing down the speed of the application. Animations instead have smaller sizes, while having shorter time durations as compared to full-fledged videos. These motion graphics tend to add more appeal to one’s design and henceforth, are replacing images in most areas. E-commerce websites are inclined towards using 3D images with a 360o motion ability to provide the users with a detailed view of the product from every angle.

  • Typography

Typography is the art of adding visual styles to simple text in such a way that they become somewhat synonymous with images for the purpose of catching the user’s eye. Using bold, yet illegible fonts are expected to be a common practice the next year. In addition to that, slight animations might be added to the text in order to give it a unique touch.


  • Gradients

In 2020, a major focus of the whole interface will be on creating calming effects for the user. Gradients are expected to be widely used in backgrounds, images, and even typography as they provide depth, gravity, and realism to the design.


  • Neo Mint

Colors that are bold, yet soothing to the eye, are likely to be a hit in the upcoming year. WGSN, the trend forecasting service, has selected “Neo Mint” to be the color of 2020. It is a gender-neutral, pastel shade of green, and is said to depict the alignment of technology with nature.

  • Cantaloupe

The color peach has continually proven to provide a feeling of delight to the viewer. This lighter and milkier version of the fruity color is pleasing yet still attractive to the eye.

  • Mellow Yellow

Like each year, yellow is said to be favored by the people in 2020 again. Despite it being said to be a bright color, the shade that’s going to be a hit is a rather dark and earthy, yet gentle and mellow, just like its name.

  • Cassis

Rebelling the predicted trend of milder shades of colors for the coming year, this deep combination of purple and pink is also going to take its place in the trending colors list among its contrasting fellows.


  • AI technology

Artificial intelligence is ruling over traditional technology faster and faster every single day. The use of chatbots and virtual assistants is getting extremely popular among the current generation.

Along with these functions, AI is also proving to be supportive in designing application interfaces. Machine Learning is currently being used to help develop applications according to user requirements, providing them with a personalized experience. Along with that, designers are planning to create web pages that will provide different content to different kind of users, customized according to their needs.

  • Augmented and Virtual reality

Augmented and Virtual reality are two modern technologies that have taken the world of development by storm. While AR adds elements to a real scenario via a camera, VR constructs the whole scenario virtually. By 2020, it is predicted that these both will take over the traditional communication channels, as well as the visual media present on the web platform.

  • Voice Input

Popular companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are already using Voice User Interface (VUI) to seek input for their virtual assistants. Other digital interfaces and platforms are also expected to start implementing this technique soon because of being easier and effortless as compared to other touch-invoked input methods, thus preferred more by the users.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

SVGs are quickly replacing other file formats due to the vast number of advantages they carry. Along with having compact file size, these can be scaled to whatever size without losing quality. These are easily editable as well as SEO friendly since being defined in XML files gives them the leverage of being searched on the basis of keywords.


The success of an application’s design depends completely on its audience. With the rapid advancement of technology, designers should come up with new creative ideas to keep the users engrossed and satisfied. As people’s preferences keep shifting with time, it is important to keep the application up-to-date accordingly.

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